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Importance and impact of astrology for mankind People are always struck with two importance questions about life. What is the impact of astrology on our lives and how do the planets affect mankind? Our institution believes that planets and their movement affect us directly or indirectly.This is a widely accepted fact and a proven scientific theory that it is the presence of the Sun which makes existence possible on the earth. The rotation and revolution of the earth around the sun creates the phenomena of day and night and helps us experience 4 seasons; namely summer, winter, autumn & spring. And likewise the movement of the moon around the earth creates the high and the low tides. On the days of no moon, there is a rise in crime and enhanced lunatic behaviour.It is the Moon’s light which makes it possible for fruits and flowers to flourish on the earth.It is quite evident that the existence of the earth without the sun and the moon was scientifically impossible.
Our ancestors have studied our solar system, 1000s of years ago and have proved that the earth is round and all the planets existing in the solar system revolve around a centric body called the sun.Also The mars is a red coloured planet. The Saturn is a cool planet. Jupiter is the largest planet.They had also predicted the distance of other planets from the earth.Following is one of the excerpts from the hanuman chalisa:Yug sahstra yojan par bhanu Lilyo tahi madhur phal janu Which means that the sun is 1000000 kms away from the earth which has also been proven scientifically.

The earth is a magnetic planet whose atmosphere is traversed with magnetic rays. Our scientists have been successful in creating instruments and satellites using these rays. These instruments have super enhanced the quality of lives on the earth by giving us electricity, electromagnetic which In turn have played a huge role in globalisation. Our institution believes that just like the artificial satellites created by humans, the planets are also god created satellites which influence and operate life of our planet. According to Indian astrology, the position of the planets at the time of our birth influence the course of our lives.
The people born with a strong position of the sun tend to do government services. A good Saturn position takes the people to private jobs. Humans tend to pursue police, military and sports with a good mars’ position. Teacher & masters have been observed to have a good Jupiter position. People with a good mercury position tend to do wonders in business. A good position of the sun at the time of the birth, increases benefits from father. Likewise, a good position of moon increases benefits from the mother, mars for brothers mercury for sister, daughter & Aunt, Venus for wife, Saturn for Servants. Ketu for son. A bad position of the above planets affect the above adversely. © 2019 All Right Reserved

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