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Why Us

Why should you chose us?

Indian astrology is based on the moon whereas the west set astrology is based on the Sun.
Sun does it transit from one Rashi to another approximately in a month whereas the moon does the same in quarter and two days.

The moon is the fastest revolving celestial body amongst all other planets in our solar system.

All this helps the astrologers to predict the horoscope with high accuracy. Astrology also has a lot of misconceptions, some of which are:
Manglik is considered a major factor in marriage match making.
Bhakut and nadi dosh are considered to spoil marriages.
It is also said these above dosh lead to death, lack of love and affection & no sukh of children.

Our institution has researched on these dosh and have figured out that in the past times, when there were no medical aids, horoscope match was done basis the position of the mars.
The mars is a signifier of blood in our body. Today, science believes that people with the same DNA should not get married otherwise the children could be born with defects. Science also Says that people with a particular blood type should not get married.
In earlier days, when the science was not so advanced, people used to figure out these defects by the position of the mars in the horoscope.
But it is a myth at this dosh leads to death and divorces.

Amitabh bachhan and Jaya Bahaduri’s marriage is a strong example of this.
Having the mars’ position in the eighth house, Amitabh bachchan is a manglik buy Jaya is not one.
Only 12 gunas Match in their horoscope with bhagut and nadi dosh also a part of the match.

Similarly it is believed that horoscopes with kaalsarp and grehan dosh often deal with a lots of ups and downs in life. The higher the person reaches life, the lower he goes down at some point in life.
The grehan yoga of the moon and the Rahu destroys the mind and the sukh of mother.
Our institute also finds the above as myths.

The above doshes are present in the Cricket master Sachin Tendulkar’s horoscope. From the year 2002 onwards, the dasha of rahu started in his life which is present with the grehan dosh of the moon in its enemies house: Jupiter.
In the same mahadasha, Sachin reached the pinnacle of his cricketing career and also got the World Cup for our country.

The sadhe sati Of Shani is considered as a destroyer of money, respect and fame by a lot of astrologers. Our institution believes this as a wrong conclusion. The sadhe sati can definitely bring some minor problems in life but the other stated facts are wrong.
A living example of the above case is our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Mr Modi has a vrishchik lagan and Rashi.
In the Second dhahiya of shani itself, he became the prime minister of the country.
Our institute believes that he has a good political future ahead.

Similarly, our institute believes a lot of such statements to be myth. Some of the existing myths are:
The drishti of the Jupiter on the seventh house (marriage house), makes the marriage strong.
The presence of the mars and Venus together, makes the person have extra marital affairs.

The motto of our institute is to help the common man solve his life problems using astrology.

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