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Shani Sadhe Sati

Shani Ki Sadhe Sati 


Let's find out what is the truth behind it. It implies from the word itself that kalyug means "Machine Yug" or "Shani Yug". It's a known fact that Shani rewards or punishes us on the basis of our deeds. On an average, every person in his/her life goes through 3-4 Shani sadhe sati & 4-6 Shani dhaiya. To conclude, in a person's average life span of 70 years, he/she experiences 30-35 years of Shani sadhe sati and dahiya effect.

As per a Doha from tulsi das in Ramayana, "Bhay Binu hou na Preet gosai" which means that by creating a fear in the minds of a person you can force them to be submissive to you.

A few greedy & crook pandits have created a fear of Shani sadhe sati amongst people and have been using this a tool to extort money from people.

Our organisation Kundali Milan believes that all these beliefs are inappropriate.

The belief that Shani's sadhe sati make a common man poor, humiliated, weak and demoted.

If all these things were true then Mr Atal Bihari Bajpayee and Mr Narendra Modi would not have become the prime ministers of the country, which they did in their Shani's sadhe sati. Even Mr. Modi won the elections twice in his Shani's second Dahiya of Sadhe Sati.

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