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Kark Rashi is governed by moon. Kark means crab or kekra. Its a watery sign. People born under this sign  sensitive, emotional. If problems come they withdraw and dont face them. Excellent parents. But some how their marriage life is distributed.

A bad moon give disease of cough, cold, fever, vomiting, dehydration, lose motions, chest and lung infection, disturbed menstrual cycle, water based diseases, mental illness, depression, enzymes imbalance etc.

Moon owns kark rashi. It's a planet which represents our thoughts, feelings and mood swings. Its a karka of  mother, grand mother, mausi etc. So a good placement of moon give good benefits from these relations.

If in a horoscope moon is debilitate or bad gives restlessness.Person will be stubborn, depressed, lunatic. Can have a loss of mother early.

To improve moon daily touch feet of your mother and take blessings from her . Take 125 gm or more a brick of silver from your mother and keep it in your cupboard in red poch. Store 20 ltrs. of Ganga jal at your home. Use that daily in drinking and bathing.  Drink water in silver glass. Must go for Ganga snan at least once in a year. On amavasya distribute kheer made from milk and rice. Offer milk, mishri, leaves of aak on shiv ling or vat vriksh. Worship Bhairo ji. Give milk pede to girls aged less than 11 yrs.

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